Basic Obedience: Obedience training is the key to a happy relationship with your dog. We offer an extensive basic obedience program. This is accomplished while your dog is boarded with us. It includes on leash control and the basic commands: heal, sit, stay, come, down, no and more. This program includes helping your dog know where he or she fits in the family pack. We will socialize your dog in different environments to help build confidence and security. We will also work on correcting any existing bad habits such as jumping, mouthing, etc. We will work closely with your dog several times a day for maximum retention. We have several play periods where dogs are encourages to let off some energy while playing in our secure areas. We walk your dog on leash for a typical 1 mile walk everyday for exercise and to employ the techniques we are teaching in a real world scenerio.

Advanced Obedience: More advanced commands, off leash training, specific owners training goals.

Refresher classes: This program is for dogs that have had obedience training in the past but have gotten a little rusty.

Behavior Modification/Problem Solving: The elimination of behavioral problems begins with basic obedience training. This program is for owners that are experiencing specific problems with their dog such as jumping separation anxiety, chewing and mouthing and pulling on the leash, etc..

At Home Consultations: For those who have completed our Basic Obedience course we are happy to visit you and your dog in your home. We are ready help with any specific at home issues that you feel should be addressed.

Dog Daycare/Boarding: We are not a Boarding facility. But if your dog has gone through our training program we are happy to let them stay with us while offering a them a brush-up on their skills. We will be sure to give your dog the attention and stimulation necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Rates are determined by times and days needed.

Puppy Kindergarten: Start your puppy off right with our introduction to obedience and socialization classes. This course will give your puppy a solid foundation to grow and feel secure with new experiences. We will also work on eliminating common unwanted puppy behaviors such as mouthing and jumping. When good doggy habits are started at a young age they are sure to be with them for the rest of their lives.

Pricing: Like people, all dogs are unique and have different strengths and challeges. Our prices are based on your training goals, our behavioral evaluation and other factors. Our goal it to make training affordable for almost everyone. We are happy to make arrangements if necessary.

~ A well trained dog is a happy dog.

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