~ A well trained dog is a happy dog.

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Patrick Lavallee Owner/Trainer

 Phone:   207-877-7203  
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Located at 41 Pattees Pond Rd. Winslow, Maine

 Family owned and operated for over 22 years.


Blue Collar K-9 Training Center is one of the states leading dog obedience schools. Located in Winslow, Maine we are a family owned business helping to train dogs for over 20 years. At Blue Collar K-9 Training Center we believe that consistent communication, physical and mental stimulation, patience, and leadership are the keys to an well trained dog. True dog training is not only about learning commands, it is about a philosophy that includes an understanding of how a dog thinks and communicates. Once this is done working together with your dog becomes much easier. At family owned Blue Collar K-9 Training Center we take a holistic approach to dog training. We will relate with your dog's natural behavior to build confidence and obedience. We will also instruct family members to ensure that everyone understands what is needed for a healthy relationship with your dog.


1.) How long will my dog be gone? - The length varies depending upon the situation. The average stay is about 2-4 weeks days but it could be longer depending on a few factors. The weather, how busy we are, your dogs ability to meet the training goals and other variables may increase the time here. However, the cost of training will never increase even if the time spent training them does. Please be patient. If you dog's stay is longer then it is for a good reason.     

2.) What will my dog learn? - The basics are always a must. Heel, sit, stay, down and come are the big ones. They will also learn socialization, exercise and good manners. When training is done you canexpect them to have a good handle on these, however this does not mean they will be experts. success will depend greatly on what you do when they get home. You must adjust your own habits and behavior if you hope to change the dog’s. You must follow through with the training for it to help.        

3.) Can I visit my dog? - We do not allow visits. This will only put your dog back into the separation cycle and make training more difficult. We do post several pictures and videos on our Facebook page.      

4.) How can I prepare for my dog to return?  - Remember, if you want your dog to change you must change. Think about your habits and rituals and be sure they are in line with the training. Please watch the “People Training” video and read the material located on our website under Client Portal.

5.) How will I know when training is done? - First you will see your dog's private training video up on our facebook page. After that you can contact us or we will call you to let you know that we are ready for the pick up. We can then arrange a time and date for pick up and your first lesson.     

6.) What about the private lessons after training? - With this training you will get 2 private lessons. One when you first pick up your dog. This lesson will be preparing you to go home and practice. Since they will be very excited to see you after training we try not to ask to much of them when they first see you. After practicing for a few weeks you can then make arrangements to come back for your second lesson which is all hands on with the dog. 

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